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Pets feel pain too! Our approach to pain management is multimodal; we give a combination of pain medications before, during, and after painful surgeries and procedures. We provide tailored treatments for chronic painful conditions as well.

If your pet is suffering from acute pain, it's our hope and goal to prevent them from experiencing long-term chronic pain. Our veterinarians will run specific tests for your pet to develop an approach that serves their pain management needs.

Managing Your Pet's Pain Post-Surgery

Surgery can be stressful for pet parents, but recovery is often even more stressful. Our team knows how important it is to keep your pet comfortable following a surgical procedure, so we offer clear and concise pain management guidelines to pet owners.

If you have additional questions regarding your pet's antibiotics or post-op discomfort - give us a call. We want to ensure your pet is back to being themselves as soon as possible.

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If you suspect that your pet is suffering from chronic pain, unknown pain, or post-surgery pain - contact our Mantua veterinarians today. It's important to address pain at the onset to prevent it from advancing or escalating to a more serious issue. Schedule your appointment at Greenfields Veterinary Associates today.

Call Greenfields Veterinary Associates at (856) 242-7966 or contact us online to discuss your pet’s needs.

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