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If your pet is exhibiting bad behavior, it is often frustrating. Perhaps your furry animal member is peeing in the house despite being house trained. Or maybe your cat continues to scratch up all of your furniture. Even worse, your pet could be extremely aggressive towards you or other people. Whatever the issue, it affects the special bond that you have with your pet; sometimes, this causes people to abandon their pets or euthanize them. At Greenfields Veterinary Associates, our qualified veterinarians can work with you to find the source of the bad behavior and suggest ways to remedy the situation. Our approach combines pet training, clinical medicine, and behavioral medicine.

While many pet parents blame themselves for their pet’s inappropriate or unusual behavior, know that many times these problems are the result of misunderstandings or accidental associations learned through initial training. Additionally, certain medical conditions have symptoms that are similar to behavioral issues. Therefore, it’s important to schedule an evaluation for a behavioral consultation in Mantua so our veterinarians can assess your pet, provide a diagnosis, and recommend ways to resolve the problem.

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