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Get up to $66 in savings on your pet’s flea and tick prevention products!

Protect your pet and family from flea and tick infestations, dermatitis secondary to allergies, and serious, sometimes fatal, infectious diseases that can be transmitted by them. Fleas and ticks are easy to prevent, and we can help. Each of our products are medically approved, safe, and guaranteed to help protect your family.

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Where & When Can My Pet Get Fleas or Ticks?

Dogs and cats can get fleas and ticks in a variety of places—whether they go outside or not. Other animals (or even humans) can bring fleas and ticks into your home. And anytime your pet is outside, they are at risk. Wildlife such as squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons all carry fleas and ticks. While they can live outside year-round, the worst months for flea and tick infestations are spring and fall.

How & When Should I Prevent Fleas & Ticks?

Because they can be found outside all year long, it is important that your pet is always protected against fleas and ticks. If you see signs of them on your pet, start treatment immediately. We offer a series of medically approved, easy-to-use products that are guaranteed to protect your pet.

To request flea and tick prevention products, call (856) 242-7966 today.

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